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The board of Roller Derby Nederland has an incredibly attractive offer to present you. No really. Very attractive. For you only. Read fast! Also op=op.

Now that we have the attention of you cheapSkate (muawhahah) Dutch-accustomed, we would like to proudly present you: 1 x vacancy for: secretary of the Bond board!

Do you love order and method? Do clear actions and sharp checklist incline you to think there might actually be meaning to life? Organising is hard. Luckily the Bond is very straight forward. This microcosmos will absolutely allow you to make your wildest organisational dreams come true. Your fellow Board members are thrilled to welcome your sharp pen and clear path.

Clear path? To what?
To more derby, obviously.

Yes, let’s get real. What does it take and why me?
Well, it will cost you 3 to 4 hours a month.
But… way before digital meetings were cool, the Bond was already fully digital. Join the avant-garde, and do important stuff while snacking under your blanket.
It should be you because we want to keep derby in NL alive and very much kicking (only outside of the track of course, keep the gameplay legal).
You qualify anyway. Can you read this? It means your Dutch or English are sufficient.
No Board experience required. Your fellow Boardies will guide you. A moderate passion for derby would be nice though. Think current/former skater, official, bench or volunteer.

What does that Board do?
Who knows… The Board mainly keeps the Bond alive. The Bond is a league that other leagues can join as a member. League-ception. The Bond gives a voice to our sport. Both to other countries, but also to Dutch (sports) organisations. The ultimate purpose is to have derby be a fully recognised sport. Don’t think Olympics. But every league has had an incident where they tried to rent a sport venue, but were unfortunately lower on the priority list than the local kids disco. Because derby is a hobby, not a sport. If this makes you angry please skip the following text and just apply for secretary. Of course the Bond also offers service to our derby leagues. It makes sense for example, to have shared protocols and a shared approach on how to stay owner of our sport, culture and game rules.

Well, I do have opinions about this. But what do you expect from a secretary?
The secretary is of course the glue that keeps the Board together. You:
Passionately keep the membership administration. The Bond has an astonishing amount of 9 members. You love all 8 dearly and equally.
You keep up with the emails and socials.
You make the minutes for (board) meetings.
You are the contact person for your 9 loving members
You possibly might be contact person for NOC-NSF. If it pleases them.

What does it bring me?
Eternal gratitude.
A useful contribution to the organisation side of our sport
Juicy first hand info about all derby things. You know this is important.
Fine, I accept. What now?
Such a blessing! Fill in the form here:

For questions, you can e-mail: